Pre Qualify For Mortgage

The first and foremost upfront task when looking for a mortgage is to see whether you qualify or not, and get pre-approval with help of an expert mortgage specialist or mortgage broker.

A pre-approval helps you act in the decisive direction when you find your perfect property and can carry through the process with full confidence.

Why get pre-approval?

  • It helps you narrow down your choices to the available property according to your financing, saving you time.
  • You get to evaluate your finance with a clear idea of your down payment, budget and monthly payment.
  • You get to prepare an effective offer to the lenders based on solid financial calculation, improving your chance of speedy mortgage process and favorable interest plans.
  • You also get to lock your mortgage rate for up to 120 days.

Mortgage Pre-Approval is free of cost and free from aby obligation

Pre-Approval Process

  • You consult the mortgage specialist with your complete details and requirement, purchase price, employment, income, source of down payment, credit report, assets, liabilities, and so.
  • The specialist advises about and collects documentation details, which you will have to furnish after conditional approval.
  • The experts create an application based on your parameters.
  • The application form is short – a process of few minutes.
  • You get your pre-approval status in quick time, with all the details and your financing prospects.

What factors affect your pre-approval status?

  • Employment history and income
  • Credit history and status
  • Property valuation
  • Debts
  • Identity

Golden Financial creates an easy and friendly atmosphere for the applicant, providing complete consultation and guidance. We provide full privacy to the client and their information, along with fast and simple process, and guaranteed lowest possible interest rate.