First Time Home Buyers

There is nothing like owning your new home first time. But, with the happiness, come a responsibility and a commitment that you make through mortgage decision. We help you make informed choice and plan your financial process in a favorable manner.

If you are looking to own your first home, then you have to weigh in your financial conditions and related solution, and draw up a plan to get beneficial mortgage.

But before this, you need to understand the whole process of mortgage:


Before anything else, get pre-approval for your mortgage. It helps in defining how much can you avail through mortgage and thus you have the knowledge to house-hunt a new property within the stipulated amount you will have through mortgage. Along with the maximum purchase price, you also get informed about the monthly mortgage payment, and your mortgage rate.

Mortgage Approval

This is the second step, and involves your consultation with the mortgage broker or lender, regarding your specific details, which includes:

  • Employment
  • Down-payment information
  • Details about your financial condition & liabilities
  • Complete details about the house


The most important step in realization of your dream of owning your home. You must ensure that you consult in detail with the mortgage broker or lender and proceed fully regarding the paperwork and closing the deal with the lawyer.

Golden Financial – Experts in Securing your First Home Dream

We have a simplistic and helpful process in place, providing complete guidance and consultation to clients. We fully understand that first time buyers have little knowledge of the mortgage process, and therefore we make sure that we provide them with complete financial and procedural information.

We work through a large pool of lenders and financial institutions in Canada, and thus are able to secure lowest rate and beneficial mortgage plan for you. With us, you will feel relaxed, through our speedy and stress-free process.