6 Month 3.14 % 3.10 %
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1 Year 2.89 % 3.59 %
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2 Year 2.84 % 3.62 %
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3 Year 3.39 % 3.75 %
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2.20 %
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4 Year 3.89 % 3.74 %
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5 Year 4.74 % 3.64 %
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7 Year 5.30 % 3.44 %
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10 Year 6.75 % 3.84 %
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What we do?

Our wide-ranging financing service includes refinancing, purchases, debt consolidations, equity takeouts, renewals and much more. We provide complete guidance to clients regarding financial conditions, current market rates, and government policies, so that they are able to make an informed and befitting choice.

How we function?

We have an effective system of potent and advanced financial tools, information kits and mortgage calculators, which empower users to get a clear picture of their current and projected financial condition and thus make a decisive choice.

“We help you in making prolific financial decisions and avoid making costly financial mistakes”

We At Golden Financial Services are committed to become your guide, source and companion in helping you to choose the right mortgage plans. We source rates through Canadian banks and financial institutions and update the mortgage rates on everyday basis to make sure the rates are current.
As big banks and financial institutions are competing for your dollars by offering a multitude of mortgages, it has become a confusing task to choose the one that best suits your budget and needs. A professional mortgage agent patiently sits with you to understand your needs and evaluate your personal goals and financial limits to give you the better idea of what sort of mortgage term and product fits the best for you.

Fixed Mortgage Rate

Fixed mortgage rate is set for the fixed duration of the mortgage term. When you choose for fixed rate mortgage, the mortgage interest rate as well as payment will remain fixed throughout the term of mortgage.


  • One of the major benefits of a fixed mortgage rate is that the borrower is protected from sudden significant increase in monthly mortgage payments if interest rates rise. A borrower can simply, “set it and forget it”.
  • A borrower knows how much they need to pay exactly as monthly payment regardless of fluctuations in the interest rates.
  • Most of the borrowers find mortgage payments based on fixed rates easy to calculate than variable rate mortgages. As total payment remains constant throughout the term, it makes budgeting easy for homeowners. Also, fixed rate mortgages vary very little from one to another lender.

When to choose for fixed mortgage rate?

If it is your first home, experts suggest you to go for fixed rate mortgage as it will be convenient to know and make your payments over a set period. Similarly, those home owners who find it difficult afford a rise in their monthly payments, fixed rate mortgages are preferable choice.

Long term vs. Short term fixed mortgage rates

Most of the leading financial institutions offer fixed-rate mortgages in a variety of terms such as 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years and so on. Each fixed rate mortgage product has its own strength and weaknesses.

Short term fixed mortgage rate

The shorter the fixed rate term, the lower will be the mortgage rates. Short term mortgages varying from 2 year to 4 year are sensible choice
a) if you find it harder to commit for longer term rates,
b) if you wish to break your mortgage within next few years.

Long term fixed mortgage rate

The longer the term of mortgage, the higher will be your monthly repayments. However, there are many benefits for fixing for longer terms for 5 years and above. It provides protective shield against rise in interest rates, stability of repayments, more certainty and avoiding the costs associated with having to re-mortgage again in two to three years.