Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation – Consolidate your different debts and mortgage into a single mortgage loanApply Now

Sometimes, people ran into different loans, like auto loan, credit card debt, personal lines of debt, which result in different high-interest debts whose monthly repayments run in high total amount and are hard to manage. By consolidating these different debts under a single low interest rate mortgage loan makes it easier on the pocket to pay off the debt through monthly payments. Debt consolidation is a secured loan backed by property equity.

Debt Consolidation Characteristics

  • Consolidation of debts gives you a low interest rate single mortgage plan
    Faster payments due to low interest rate debt consolidation loan
  • Finance simplification and easy finance management with a single monthly payment
  • A centralized debt leads to time saving
  • Increase in cash flow, as low interest rate means low payments
  • Debt consolidation loan leverages the equity in home or property for securing low interest rate

Why debt consolidation is beneficial

  • Amalgamation of all the loans into a single loan, meaning less hassle of different payments, which were difficult to manage earlier.
  • Single monthly payment leads to improved cash flow and makes you enable to commit to other finances easily like children education, property expenses, medical expenses and so.
  • Consolidated debt loan also ensures low interest rates, meaning increased savings over time.
  • Debt consolidated enables timely repayment monthly, leading to improvement in credit score.

Eligibility for debt consolidation plan

  • Copy of monthly budget to determine loan condition norm matching
  • Proof of regular monthly income
  • Some lenders require a collateral or co-signor

Different options to acquire Debt consolidation loan


Backed by home property, Home Equity Line Of Credit can help you get up to 80% of your home’s current value in debt consolidation loan, sans the already outstanding mortgage balance. This flexible mortgage provides you option to utilize maximum or minimum equity, and is available as a variable rate plan. There is also an added advantage of paying interest only monthly payment.


Refinancing option also helps you to secure up to 80% of your home’s value to consolidate your different loans and debts.

Second Mortgage

Second mortgage debt consolidation loan often incurs high interest rates, but can help you get more than 80% of your home’s value. The interest rate is, though, still lower than personal lines of credit or credit card. This plan is beneficial for those who find it difficult to secure a larger loan with current creditor.

Golden Financial – Debt Consolidation Loan Experts

Our team of finance professionals is expert and experienced, possessing wealth of information and knowledge, offering extensive guidance to people who are looking for accurate debt consolidation information and support.

  • We assess your current financial condition, payments and debts to find the best possible low rate debt consolidation loan.
  • We have a reliable and trustworthy relationship with leading creditors, which helps us to get your interest reduced.
  • We help you manage your monthly payment with sound judgement and advice.
  • We help you start a proficient debt management program with proactive goal setting.